A Brief History

1982 – The ‘vision’ to buy a plot of land in Thornhill to build a permanent church-community facility.

1983 – Letter to the City Council asking them to allocate land for a church building.
 Survey of the growing number of houses that showed a strong support for an independent church and the discovery of many committed Christians.
 Began home Bible studies called ‘Thornhill Christian Fellowship’.

1985 – Began our Sunday Service and Sunday School in a local primary school, and we held a tent festival on the estate.

1986 – We were granted the plot of ground we had applied for and we claimed it in prayer!
 Commenced youth work in local leisure centres and held our second tent festival.

1987 – Held separate services for adults and children on Sundays, and
 evening services using homes.
 First baptism using the swimming pool of the local leisure centre, and other activities started including weekends away, youth camps, holiday services and fellowship lunches.

1991 – Building of Thornhill Primary School, and our
 Family Service and Sunday School began there in November.
 Commenced a mother and toddler group, and
 developed a range of Church ministries, each with a pair of Team Leaders.

1993 – Production of our Church document. Formal membership commenced and the first church leadership election; Martyn Bull, Paul Hocking, Adrian Evans and Glyn Harman were elected as church elders.

1995 – Planning application granted for a community church building.

1997 –  Thornhill Church Centre opened during the first weekend of October. The second church leadership election where Adrian Evans, Glyn Harman, Dave Pepper and Geraint Fielder became elders.

1998 – Completion and opening of the Lighthouse Nursery.

2000 – Jeremy McQuoid was appointed as our Teaching Pastor, and Alan Kwan and Emyr Macdonald as elders.

2001 – Our membership grew past 100.

2004 – Jeremy McQuoid followed a call to a church in Aberdeen.
 The church elected Paul Hocking as a full-time Pastor, and Adrian Perkins, Pierre Graves and Alun Mathias as elders.

2008 – Geoff Roberts, Andy Hurley, Jonathan Thompson and Tony Down became elders.

2009 – David Tucker appointed as full-time Pastor.

2012 – Phil Marshall joined us to serve as Thornhill Church’s full-time Pastor.

2014 – Emyr Macdonald, Dave Bodger, Jacob Park and Dave McNeil were elected as elders.

2015 – David Ollerton and Alan Kwan became elders.