Vision and Values

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Attracting the world to Jesus Christ through our everyday witness, discipling one another and those we invite to Him.

Vision Statement
Building an alternative community of Jesus’ disciples, working together to make our witness accessible and visible to all.

Value 1 – Our God
Our God is Father, Son and Spirit loving one another, and we are His people who delight in Him. He is our Father, because we are united with His Son, Jesus, and empowered with His Holy Spirit.  We trust Him to lead and guide us in everyday life, through His word by the Spirit.

Value 2 – Worship
Our God is awesome. There is none like Him.  He has reached out to us when we deserved nothing and lavished upon us His very best. Our response is joyful worship and careful obedience to such a wonderful God. We gather together to worship him in small and large groups with a variety of styles, also recognising that our whole lives are worship to our glorious God.

Value 3 – Being Community
Our God is a community of persons who has drawn us together into community by and for the love of Jesus.  We are from a mix of backgrounds with diverse gifts, characters, past histories and families, yet we are one family, one body with Christ as our head, loving one another and resolving conflict quickly and carefully.

Value 4 – Engaging Community
Our God is our gracious life-giver, and we are His community which does its utmost to present Jesus to the watching world, inviting others to taste and see not only the God who walks among us, but also to experience for themselves the outworking of Jesus’ life and love in our lives as we are transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Value 5 – Welcome
We are a people who aim to meet everyone where they are, being accepting of the situation in which they find themselves as they come to be part of the church.  While God loves people just the way they are, He loves them too much to leave them that way, and our hope is for transformation for all into the likeness of and obedience to Christ.

Value 6 – Work in Progress
We are a people who acknowledge that we are not the finished article.  We will remain humble, realising that in both success and defeat God is working through us for our good and always questioning how and why we are doing what we are doing.

Value 7 – Discipleship
We are a people who are always building one another up in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. We know that trusting Jesus affects our obedience to Him in every area of life, and we will encourage and rebuke each other in love so that we might grow more into His likeness.

Value 8 – Prayer
We are a people who rejoice in fellowship with our God and love to talk to Him and listen to Him as an expression of our Sonship. We will cultivate this in big and small gatherings and will endeavour to make it a normal part of our Christian friendships and when we are on our own.

Value 9 – Creativity
We are a creative church expressing God’s creativity among us and giving freedom to the creative gifts He has given us, stirring up interest through attractive ways of inviting people to Jesus. As creative people, our church structures will only ever serve our need but never govern us, refusing to let tradition set in.

Value 10 – The World
We are a community who recognise the needs of the world beyond ourselves.  We will listen to, pray for and engage with God’s mission in the whole world, not just Thornhill, Cardiff, Wales or the UK.