Keith Doughty  – Facilities Manager at Thornhill Centre – Contact
Keith is the Facilities Manager at Thornhill Centre. Keith is also the face of Thornhill Coffee Shop and is always happy to chat to customers.

Ruth Hurley – Nursery Manager at Thornhill Centre – Contact
Ruth is the Lighthouse Nursery Manager at Thornhill Centre. Ruth has worked in the nursery since 2008 and had been the nursery manager since 2011. Ruth is assisted by Sookyi Park and a dedicated team of experienced staff.

Dorothy Wilkins – Catering Supervisor at Thornhill Centre – Contact
Dorothy (Dot) is the Catering Supervisor at Thornhill Centre. Dot has headed the kitchen since 2003 assisted by a team of committed staff.

Debbie Riella – Office Administrator at Thornhill Centre – Contact
Debbie is the Office Administrator for Thornhill Centre. Besides taking care of the day to day administration of the Centre, Debbie is the contact person for bookings and any questions you may have about the Coffee Shop and Centre Hire.