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Sunday Night Youth

Sunday Night Youth (SNY) is for teenagers, enabling them to have fun and connect as a group, to learn about God in a relevant way and to help them mature in their faith together.

Who is it for?

SNY is for school years 10 – 13.

When does it happen?

It runs on Sunday evening between 4:30p.m. and 6:00p.m. (although confusingly it sometimes happens on a Saturday instead).

What about the helpers?

We have a team of dedicated leaders and helpers who have the youngsters’ interests at heart and who make each week as exciting and relevant as possible. All of the leaders and helpers have been appointed according to new safeguarding recommendations in line with the Thornhill Church Child and Worker Safeguarding Policy.

What is the format?

The evening consists of games, food or snacks, a period of bible study and a time of prayer. Sometimes the study period is “all together” and sometimes splitting into smaller groups.

SNY also includes outdoor activities and social events such as walks, bowling, eating at cafes, etc.  From time to time there will be sleepovers and weekend trips.