Clive and Lathan – Walking with the Cross

Clive and Lathan – Walking with the Cross

Pray for Clive as he considers the direction of his ministry and plans for a summer walk around Wales – with the cross of course. He and Lathan are preparing a series of Bible studies based upon real stories from Clive’s walks with the cross.

In 2003 Clive Cornish supported by photographer Lathan Ball walked around Wales carrying a large wooden cross. Before he set off most people said it was impossible to walk the perimeter of Wales carrying a cross that measured 12ft x 6ft and weighed 50lb. As they returned to Cardiff after travelling 450 miles they past a large billboard which read “They said it was impossible.” Reminding Clive and Lathan that what is impossible for men is possible for God.



What is impossible with men

 is possible with God.  Luke 18:27


Since then Clive and Lathan have walked over 5000 miles, climbed the highest mountains in Britain and run many marathons and half-marathons – with the cross of course. Clive and Lathan are now working together to produce a series of Bible studies based on stories from these unique journeys.  The Bible study series will be called “They said it was impossible.”


“They said it was impossible” will employ film and video to creatively communicate Christianity. Designed for individual and group use it will be possible to download these studies to a computer, tablet or Smartphone. A draft study shown in both a church home group and a prison Bible study were well received.


To support this project Clive and Lathan have launched a Crowdfunding Campaign. Crowd funding allows individuals to support a project in return for a reward. To find out how you can support this project and receive your reward please visits our Indiegogo page.

They said it was impossible with men


Future walks are planned. Clive and Lathan are now praying about a walk in 2018 called “Around Great Britain in 80 Days.” Please pray for Clive and Lathan as they work together to encourage Christians and challenge non-Christians.

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