Current Sunday Series

People who encountered Jesus

Join with us on Sunday mornings in the autumn as we hear the stories of 5 different people who each met Jesus. Each person came with baggage, past history, different needs and many questions. How would Jesus respond to their situations and lives?

15 Oct – John 3:1-21 – The assured religious teacher
22 Oct – John 4:3-30 – The woman with several men
29 Oct – John 4:46-54 – A surprising trust
5 Nov – Luke 19: 1-10 – The cheat no one wanted
12 Nov – Luke 23:39-43 – Could God accept him?

Previous Series

Studies in Joshua – “Taking the Land.”

John “…that they may have life.”

In Christsummer_jpeg_2016

This summer, our focus at Thornhill Church was a series on restoration and healing. It reminded us who/what we are as Christians: we are “in Christ” by being baptised in His name.



Jacob Park lead us through a three part mini-series on repentance.

Winta scattered peopleer of discontent

Who’d want Jeremiah’s job?
We don’t know what he’d planned to do with his life, but he is constrained by the Lord to stand up to a society that was running out of control.
Nobody listened, nobody cared.
And it all came crashing down around their ears.
But the Lord had promised to rescue Jeremiah, and to restore his people… ready for the day of the Messiah.

How to live in Exile

When the new testament church began, it was a marginalised sect, blessed but oppressed, sowing and growing but exposed and opposed.
Christianity, today, is now nearer to a marginalised sect as it was for Peter in the first century.
How were the people to live in those days, and what does that teach us about how we should live?

IN the Lion’s den

Daniel and his friends are another example to us of life in Exile. He serves in a high position in society, but is still called to stand firm in the face of hostile opposition.
And we’re reminded that human empires rise and fall, and that even kings can be humbled and turn to worship the true and living God…
And it all leads up to the time when the true king would finally be revealed… but wait ‘til September for that!


Exodus: God v the KingMoses Breaking the Tablets of the Law Rembrandt
Hollywood still loves its Biblical epics. After Russell Crowe’s Noah proved to be a damp squib, it’s the turn of Christian Bale to step into  Charleton Heston’s shoes this Christmas in Exodus: Gods and Kings.  The reviews haven’t been great!…though I’d love to see what the special effects people do with the crossing of the red sea!

More dazzling still is the real story, which will help us to make better sense of what Jesus would one day come to fulfill.

Our slavery pays wages, but the wages of sin is death. Our Pharaoh rules the kingdom of darkness, longing for our return. Our High Priest has sat down, for his sacrifice is complete. Our freedom is being born again, and awaiting the restoration of all things.

Everyday Life
A mini-series in February 2015 that focussed on our everyday Christian commitment, membership in church, and seeing everyday life as both worship and mission.  Crucial.

In autumn 2014 we explored Ephesians in a ten week series. We discovered ways to live in our New Lives as follows of Christ.

1CorinthiansOur Helper
Well, the Corinthian church was in a mess!  We spent the early 2014 looking at their divisions and their hopes for the future.  In a second series we see that they were also getting confused about the Holy Spirit

Maybe our series would have helped them?  More than likely not, but with Pentecost in the air, we’ll set ourselves up for 1 Corinthians 12-14, later in the year with a short series on the Spirit’s work.

Otherwise He’ll remain the forgotten God…

Judgement Days
The story of Jesus is told in the Old Testament as well as the New…our 2014 summer series.

Vision and Values
V&VHome PageWhat are we about as Thornhill Church? And what will we be about as we head into the future?

God has called his church to be a great many things in the Bible, things that we rarely live up to but for his glorious grace.

But what about us, here in Thornhill? How will we  answer God’s call to witness to him in our local areas, with the gifts and opportunities He puts before us?

This series reflected on our mission and vision statements, as we aim to draw people to Jesus through being the kind of witnessing community He calls us to be.

And there are ten values, handily and Biblically enough! May we humble ourselves, may we keep listening to Him, and reshaping ourselves so that we might reflect His light to the world.


1060239_10152057462929803_651928329_nI AM WHO I AM
Our God is past, present and future.
He was, He is, and He is to come.

In this mini-series, Paul Clarke refreshed us with the Bible story
from God’s point of view.

God acted decisively in the past through the cross and resurrection.
Christ is ascended, and his Spirit now dwells within.
Oh, and Christ is coming back again… Better buckle up!