What the Mission Group is about?
The Mission Group seeks to enable Thornhill Church to engage with what God is doing beyond our local community.

God is working among the nations to draw people to know Him as their Friend and Saviour.

Amazingly he chooses us to work alongside him as his hands, feet and voice. He asks us to learn, to pray, to give and to go (Matthew 28:18ff).

We aim to look out to our city, our country and our world.

How does the Mission Group relate to the church vision and values?
See our church Vision and Values page to explore in more detail.

What do we consider important?
See the What’s Important in Mission page for further information.

What should we ask ourselves?

  • How may I learn more about what God is doing among the nations of the world?
  • Is there a particular area or situation for which I can pray?
  • Is there a particular need He is asking me to meet?
  • How may I best share God’s good news where I am now?
  • Is there anywhere else He is asking me to go? Or anything else He is asking me to do?
  • How may we as a community encourage one another to pray, give and go?

Interested in Mission?
Contact Jacky L, Lathan B, Ann C or Geoff R (@thornhillchurch)

Who do we support?
Please visit our Organisations we Support page.