Music Team

Music has always been central to Christian worship.  Many forms of music have been and continue to be used to help ordinary people like us authentically respond in praise and worship to God.  At Thornhill Church, our music team helps lead and prepare our worship services, using a variety of musical styles and expressions that reflect the diversity of our church family.

Would you like to explore the possibility of being involved in music and worship in Thornhill Church as a singer or instrumentalist? If so, please contact Helen Bull or Graham Davies.  We would love to discover and encourage your gifting!

Our current music team consists of about 20 singers and musician.  We set rotas that allow us to play and sing in different combinations and we meet together each week before the church services to practice for the day, as well as once a month as a team to pray, study God’s word and worship.  Our desire as we worship is to declare God’s glory, celebrate His love and be amazed at His grace.

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Helen Bull and Graham Davies – Music Team Leaders