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Join us over the next six Sunday mornings as we celebrate Easter 2021 here in Thornhill. Although we’re still not all able to meet together in person, we’ll be joining in worship, prayer and celebration across the Internet as we remind ourselves of the incredible events that happened 2,000 years ago – the Good News that gives us hope even in these uncertain and difficult times.

Our Easter series this year will be asking six Easter questions, with each question and answer bringing us closer to our amazing God!

  • Sunday 21st March – “WHO was Jesus of Nazareth?”
  • Sunday 28th March – “WHY does a cross make Friday good?”
  • Easter Sunday 4th April – “WHEN did history go from BC to AD?”
  • Sunday 11th April – “WHAT has a living Jesus got to do with me?”
  • Sunday 18th April – “WHERE is Jesus now?”
  • Sunday 25th April – “HOW does God interact today?”

You can watch our Sunday morning services live from 10:30am via our Thornhill Church YouTube channel.

Happy Easter from everyone at Thornhill Church. We’re praying regularly for our local community that we’d all be kept safe from the worst effects of the pandemic, and that things will very soon be back to normal.