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About Us

Thornhill Church came into existence when Thornhill as an area was born in 1980. The vision for Thornhill was to have a few thousand homes, school, supermarket, some shops and restaurants. So a handful of Christians wanted to join this community, to serve it and share the love and truth of Jesus Christ in it. To be a church in Thornhill.

They started meeting and moving into the area, applied for land from the council and in 1985 started meeting on Sundays in buildings and even large tents. For years they served the community and grew in number in faith and in 1991 they moved their Sunday gathering to the then brand new Thornhill Primary School.

In 1997 the church, then of around 40 people, helped build or fund the now Thornhill Church Centre to serve the community and be a home for the church to meet. Shortly after the Centre opened its doors, Lighthouse Nursery opened and has been serving families now for over 20 years. So did the café and community hire rooms, serving hundreds of people each week.

Now there are around 150 people as part of the church, most of them local to Thornhill, but from many different backgrounds, ethnicities and upbringings. The church is the family of believers and the centre is where we meet and care for one another. But we also love ‘having people over our house’ so that is why we continue to serve people through the nursery, café, room hire along with all the church activities.

As a church, our heart’s desire is that people will come to know and love Jesus Christ. To have their sins forgiven, new life in this earth and security in eternity with God. So some of our staff and church activities reflect this. We also have centre staff/volunteers who are not Christians and most people who come to the building in the week are just coming for a coffee, childcare or room hire and we respect this by serving them the way we feel Jesus would. With love, respect and honour.

We often have hundreds of people in the centre at various times throughout the week, but you can look out for some helpful faces that you may see on a Sunday or in the week on our Who’s Who page.