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Junior Church

Junior Church is a version of church just for children with child-focused activities. It allows the opportunity for children to feel a valued part of the wider church and to learn about God in a way that is relevant to them.

It is for children from the age of 4 to 11.

Our Curriculum

We follow The Gospel Project for kids curriculum. The Gospel Project for Kids is a Christ-centered Bible study resource that follows a chronological timeline of Bible events—presenting the story of redemption through Jesus.

The three-year chronological timeline ensures that no matter when you jump in, you won’t miss a thing. Each week, these stories come to life through age specific video, music, activities, and more.

When does it run?

Every Sunday morning between 10:45 and 11:45. The children come to the adult morning service at 10:30 for the first fifteen minutes and then split off for their own activities.

How many children attend?

On average, 40 children are involved each Sunday.

What about the helpers?

We have a team of dedicated teachers and helpers who have the children’s interests at heart and make each week as exciting and relevant as possible. All of the teachers and helpers have been appointed according to new safeguarding recommendations in line with the Thornhill Church Child and Worker Safeguarding Policy.

The Junior Church mission statement

At Thornhill Church we place a strong emphasis on aligning our activities to follow the overall mission of the Church. This means that we are all pulling in the same direction, with the same goal in mind: “to be more like Jesus.”

The Junior Church Vision –

(With God’s guiding, the ideal future we want to create) As a united team of leaders, we seek to model for children how to become Christ followers.

The Junior Church Mission –

(What we are going to achieve) To supplement the family in their attempt to lay down a spiritual foundation that, in God’s timing, will lead a child into, and later grow in, a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

The Junior Church Values – (How we are going to achieve the mission)

  1. To accomplish our mission, we must be child targeted in our approach.
  2. We value relevant teaching that is application oriented to reach today’s children.
  3. We want to teach the Bible creatively in order to be on the wavelength of our children.
  4. We value shepherding times within small groups, where we can model an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.
  5. We want Junior Church to be both a safe and fun place for all of our children.

I hope this has given you a flavour of what Junior Church is all about. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.