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Welcome to Thornhill Church

We’re just ordinary people, changed by God’s amazing grace!

Our building is made of bricks and mortar, but that isn’t the church. The church is the family of God. We are currently made up of about 150 people including children, teenagers, students, adults, singles, couples and families. We mostly live in the north of Cardiff, around Thornhill. We’re a diverse mix of nationalities, ages and backgrounds.

Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of this church and everything we do is in response to what God has done for us. We have a pastor and leaders who oversee the church, and we employ some staff, yet our desire is to get everyone involved to serve each other.

We meet regularly in Thornhill Church Centre in a service of worship on a Sunday morning and to pray on Sunday evenings. During the week we meet in a number of locations in smaller groups so we can get to know and support each other better. We have clubs that focus on particular age groups, and at various times in the year we hold Alpha Courses for those really wanting to discover what Christianity is all about. We also hold Marriage courses and Parenting courses.

We are an independent evangelical church and here are some of the things we believe but we would love to meet you to discuss more. Everyone and anyone is welcome to our Sunday or midweek gatherings, so it depends what you’re looking for…

Looking for a church?

If you’re moving to Cardiff or nearby and looking for a church then we would love to meet you. Feel free to just turn up on a Sunday or contact us if you have any questions. Even if you realise that this isn’t the church for you, we would love to help you get connected to another church in the area through the great friendships we have with other churches across the city.