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Welcome in to Thornhill Church!

At the heart of your community!


Thornhill Church is the ‘family’ of believers in Jesus Christ. ‘Church’ is kind of like our joint surname for us 150 people who love Jesus in Thornhill. The ‘Centre’ is the building, where we meet, our home. So like with any family – the family are the people, the bricks & mortar is where the family live. So because, as a family/church, we like having people over our house/centre, this is why we run a nursery, café, hire and let loads of people come in! So we call it ‘Thornhill Church Centre’ because we don’t want people to think that church is a building and not a people.

Never been in before? Watch the video below to see what it’s like inside?

You will find the atmosphere relaxing and ideal for getting away from the pressures of the home and workplace. We are an experienced team that have been providing a quality service, at value for money prices for many years. Our team are fully committed to serving you, and we are confident that you will be pleased with the facilities we have to offer.

Inside our building you’ll find: