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Lots of people want to help, give or support this Christmas yet are limited by the restrictions. As a church we are doing the following and so if you WANT to, you can help us, to help others this Christmas……but no pressure. Here’s what we are doing so feel free to join in:

Food Donations

We support other charities in Cardiff by making food bags to give to those in need, or make meals to serve to those possibly on the streets with no ability to make their own food. If you would like to give food you could either drop it off after your shopping in Sainsbury’s in the food donation cage. Or contact us and drop it to the centre.

Present Donations

For years, as a church we have done the shoebox appeal, where we fill shoeboxes full of presents and they get sent all around the world to those in most need. This year is online, so you pay for a box but get to fill it, take a pic + write a message. To do this go on

We have teamed up with the ‘Mr X Christmas Appeal’ and Cardiff Council with the aim to give 500 children in the care system presents this year, whom otherwise may not receive any. So if you would like to give please go to and Thornhill Church Centre is the drop off location.

Money Donations

We want to be clear that we don’t need your money, and we don’t want you to feel pressure to give. Yet we know people like to give especially during this time, so we can help play the ‘middle man’ role in getting to people in need during this time. And we won’t just give 100% of your contribution; if you are a taxpayer then you can actually give 125% – because we are a charity we can claim gift aid and pass that extra 25% on. Contact us if you’d like to gift aid your donation.

Jesus said, it is better to give then to receive, and so as Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth, instead of giving to presents/money/food to him, He wants us to give to others. However, Jesus loves you and so all He wants for Christmas is……………YOU!